Who Else Wants to Earn Money Blogging? Discover How You Can Make Money With A Blog In 25 Steps


Ohh, there is finally a solution in this process called "Make Money With A Blog". And the solution is to follow a proved and effective strategy that makes you able to make money with a blog.

"How I Can Get This Alberto?"

Well, simply following these sequential questions and giving your sincere and personal answers. They are written in first person! So, you can answer in first person and involving yourself more in the whole process. And remember to listen to your heart!

1 - What am I passionate about?

2 - Which topics or activities do I spend the majority of my free time?

3 - What would I do although I would not be paid?

4 - How could I call this passion or these passions? What would be my brand?

5 - There are enough people who are interested in what I love?

6 - They will pay me for getting my knowledge?

7 - What is the best choice for my domain name of my brand new blog?

8 - Which are the major and relevant keywords or keyword phrases around my topic?

9 - How many categories could I create in my blog?

10 - What would the best blogging strategy plan for me and for my ideal lifestyle? Daily, weekly, monthly basis?

11 - What is the best title for my first blog post?

12 - How may I spread my post to the world?

13 - Social media network are useful for my target to spread my contents and earn money blogging?

14 - How can I use them? What is the best Social Media Network where I can concentrate my effort and keep focused?

15 - Which are for my blog the best source of online traffic? Articles, Podcast or Videos?

16 - I like more writing, speaking or make speeches in front of a camera?

17 - What best source of online traffic suits me?

18 - How can I improve the quality's life of my visitors and readers?

19 - Can I survey them? Can I get more specific answers from them?

20 - What kind of product or service my visitors and readers would like to buy from me?

21 - Could I create my first online product or service simply answering the question posted to my visitors and readers?

22 - How can I keep the things simple and useful in my new product or service?

23 - What is the best delivery system for giving my product or service to my loyal readers?

24 - Am I ready to allow the money flows to me?

25 - Am I willing to be amazed realizing how easy and wondrous is make money with a blog?

I know you have personally answered at these fundamental question of the process! Congratulations, because you have just done your first blogging coaching process upon yourself!

I want help you giving all my best knowledge and strategies, something like spectacular! Remember my friend:

"Success Is Only One Part Of The Process!"

YES! Because my friend, before be successful and make money through blogging you have to be prepared! Only when opportunity meets a prepared guy, success comes!

So please, make sure you answer to the previous questions and please, don't kid yourself. Don't think to make your own blog, posting some contents for just few weeks and think to make money easily and fastly!

Like unfortunately many marketers tell you to make money simply through "Push A Button" systems, don't fall in this tremendous trap!

Don't kid yourself! My Friend, you are able to achieve any kind of goal in this planet. Depends only by two fundamental things:

A - Your Mindset;

B - Your Habits;

I have seen so many fellow student and peers think to make money with a blog and desire to earn money through blogging, but before 3 months they gave up! Don't let it happen also to you! Stay focused, determined and passionate upon your personal blogging strategy plan. Every serious online marketer and blogger has one, and you need it too!

So, take a moment for create your online marketing plan, your blogging strategy plan and try to follow both. And remember two last things:

1 - Hire a mentor and you work inspired by him/her. I know probably you haven't the money yet for pay your mentor, but is crucial for your productivity and your success.

2 - Before earn money through blogging you have to help other with your unique knowledge, passions and experiences about your topic. You should respect the reciprocity law and you should always work in according with it!

Okay, now is the moment to take action. Answer to the previous questions, reflect on them and starting a blog as soon as possible! You will be amazed to discover how rewarding and beautiful is make money with a blog!