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3 Easy Ways To Create A Passive Income

 If you're looking to find a way of creating a passive income, look no further- here are 3 easy ways to create a passive income.

What is a passive income?

A passive income is an income received on a regular basis and can come from many sources including the more traditional methods such as buying land, property and stocks and shares. However, even though these avenues can indeed create a great reliable passive income, they can be very costly. So are there any easier ways to start creating a passive income, especially if you are on a shoestring budget? Here are 3 easy ways for you to consider;

1. Creating An Information Product

Let's face it, most of us know something; Whether it's about a hobby, sport or even every day house hold chores. It's simply a case of turning the info in your brain into cash. So what's the easiest way to go about this?

The internet is now the biggest encyclopaedia out there, therefore it will come as no surprise to discover that one of the highest searches start with "how to" do something. At one point or another, most of us will need information about something.
The easiest way to make money from this is by creating an information product that provides an answer or solution for what people are looking for.

This can take the form of a CD, DVD or even an eBook. The great thing about this type of product is that it's cheap to produce and can be sold for a price determined by you which can be anything from £5 upwards.

You can even take things a step further by making up a set consisting of 2 or more of the items. For example a DVD and eBook. This will result in you being able to charge even more for your product as the perceived value will be higher. You will now be able to charge anything from £67, £97 or even more!

So how can selling information products create a passive income for you?
To create a passive income you will need to have a front end (cheap product) and a back end (dearer product).

The information products mentioned earlier will act as your front end product and will have been placed into your sales funnel ready to up sell to those customers later on.
To create a passive income you will need your back end product to be a subscription type product, i.e. something that a person needs to make a regular monthly payment for.

One easy and effective subscription back end product that you can use is to offer individuals the opportunity to buy licences from you for selling products like DVDs. This, in effect means, that for a small monthly fee, they can rebrand and re- label a product to sell as their very own product.

If you do not want to sell licences for your own product, then you purchase platinum re sell licences that will enable you to sell licences for other people's products, for a monthly subscription.

To find these types of licences, simply search on the search engines or check out your spam folder as often there will be some great products out there that you can purchase a license for.

To allow yourself the best chances of success, it is better for you to purchase and try out the product yourself to make sure that they actually work, before offering to buy the licence.

How much does a platinum type licences cost?

As a rule of thumb, you should offer approximately 10 times the retail price of the product.

The great thing about selling information products is that you can buy low and sell high- making a huge profit in the process.

2. Creating Membership Sites

A membership site is where someone pays a subscription to view your website. This is different from selling information products in that, instead of simply receiving a one off payment for a DVD or eBook, you will instead receive a monthly payment from the offset. That is why this is one of the smartest passive income ideas out there.
Just imagine... Simply signing up 500 members at £10 a month will provide you with a passive income of £5000 a month!

The content on your site can consist of text, audio or video.

You simply need to decide on a subject or niche for your membership sites. Some examples include hobbies, sports, special skills, health or even starting a business.
You then need to provide tips, training or tutorials within your site that offers valuable information for your members.

Free tools like Google trends offer a great way to find out what's the most "in demand" including;

• How big the market is- are there more than 30,000 searches in a month
• How competitive the market is- how many ads and existing websites are there for that niche
• Will there be a good return on investment for your members
If you decide to create a passive income through creating a membership site, there is some great software out there that will help you to get started.

3. Creating A Down line

There has been much negative press concerning internet marketing. This is sad as there are many genuine internet marketing opportunities out there that really can offer an easy and affordable way to create a passive income.

Internet marketing is a numbers game. If you have a great product(s) to sell then achieving the numbers is easy.

As with the information products opportunity, success within internet marketing relies on having a good front and back end product.

If your front end product is low cost and it works, then up selling products at a later stage will be easy as you will already have gained the trust of your customer via your front end product.

So how does internet marketing create passive income streams?

The great thing about internet marketing is that even if you haven't got a product of your own to sell you can sell affiliate products instead. Some online opportunities are currently even offering 100% commissions, so it's like selling your very own product.

People are always looking for ways to make more money. Therefore if your product is good and offers a good profit or commission, it won't be long before your customers will be asking you how they too can make money by selling products by joining your team.

So how does this create a passive income for you?

This will depend on the online opportunity that you join. Some will offer you a commission for what your down line sells, while others will offer a residual income by paying you a monthly commission for every month that your member continues be active. Again, there are some online companies that are paying 100% monthly commissions.

So if you are looking for easy ways to create a passive income, then these are what I personally regard to be 3 of the most smart passive income ideas out there right now.

5 Elements You Must Use While Writing A Perfect Business Blog Post


You may have read a lot of business blog posts. But, have you ever come across a perfect business blog post?

Do you know how to write it? If no, then read this post.

You must have a lot of business posts. Some are good while some may not be. But, there exist no perfect blog post. So to write a perfect business blog post, you need certain elements and strategies.

Before moving on to specifics of writing a perfect post, I want to tell you the most important component of the perfect business post. And that is before writing, just ask this simple question to yourself: "What's the unique angle of this post, and how will it help my audience?"

It means just figure out how your post is different from others?

What are your readers interests and needs?

These two elements, uniqueness and audience targeting, separates good posts from the amazing ones.

Here are five elements that can consistently be found in popular business blog posts:

1. Captivating opening: The opening of your blog post is the hook that will get people to start reading. Without a captivating opening, audience may never even click on the article or be interested in reading it in the first place.

Headline of your blog is one of the most critical elements. A survey found that 80% of people will read the headline, and only 20% will read the rest.

If you want to get most clicks, your headline must be clear, concise and self-explanatory.

While writing the opening of a paragraph or sentence, try to put yourself in the mindset of your ideal reader: What problems will he or she be looking to solve?

What you can do to show that you understand what they are struggling with?

2. Use of a Relatable Image with a Caption: Cheap-looking or irrelevant images has the potential to completely undermine the rest of your content. So, it is better to first choose relating images for your post. Also, it is good to use captions in images wherever possible.

3. Outside Data and Information: Although this is important for all the blog posts, but when it comes to business blogging, it is very important. Many readers will approach your posts with a some doubt, particularly if you run a small business blog. So, you must use outside information to increase your credibility.

For example, you may use customer testimonials, research data or expert quotes in your business blog posts.

4. A clear Viewpoint: No one likes to read a wish-washy article. As so much content is available online, having a clear and focused point of view will help set you apart. Every blog post should have clear opinion or point of view.

5. Easy to read Structure: When you write a business post, make sure that it appears easy to read at its first glance. This means use short paragraphs, subheadings, proper use of headings, lists, and generally anything that makes your content appear less intimidating to read.

These were the five strategies that work well to increase clicks and social sharing of your content. So, next time when you write any business blog post for any company or article writing services, use these five strategies.

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Get The Most From Your Blog Posts


When it comes to starting a blog it can sometimes be a lonely experience...

You are dedicated to writing great content full of helpful information that you know your target audience will love.

But how do you get the best from every one of your blog posts?

More importantly how do you reach the people who really want to read what you have to say in your blog?

Well that's what I'm here to help you with. I have put together a few guidelines that if followed should significantly increase your blog posts reach.

Blog Post Checklist

1. Blog Title
When writing a title for your blog post you need to give it some serious thought. The title is your headline, it is the thing that will make people decide if they want to read further or just pass on by. Try and keep your title short and to the point. Always include your main keyword within your title in order to improve your posts SEO. If you are struggling to come up with a title you like try 'Portents content idea generator' for some alternative and often amusing suggestions.

2. Content
Ensure the main body of your post is easy to read. Minimise paragraphs to no more than five lines. keep sentences short - twenty words or less is recommended. Use plain English - this is no place to show off your grasp of the longest words in the English language. Break your text up with sub-headings - this not only makes your readers experience easier to take in it also makes your post look more interesting.

Remember your blog will be read by like minded people who are interested in what you have to say, but never the less you still need to ensure the content is interesting enough to hold their interest.

3. Images
Be sure to include one featured image at the very least. Humans are visual creatures and an eye catching feature image will get their attention. When you upload an image ensure that it is not too large in terms of data size so that it will load quickly. Don't forget to fill in the alt attribute box for your image and be sure to include your keyword's in the description.

4. SEO
SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Basically the better your SEO the more chance your blog post will have of appearing higher up in search engine rankings

There are a number of things you can do to improve your SEO.

Make sure your main keyword/s is included in your title, in the first paragraph of your post and used often throughout your post.

Ensure your post is at least 1000 words long as search engines like a decent amount of content.

Include alt attributes in the images you use so this will display in the event of your image no loading.

Also write a short meta description and include your keyword/s. The meta description is the text that appears under your main title in search engine results.

5. Links
Try and include links in your post whenever possible. Link to external sites as well as directing people to relevant places on your own website or other blog posts they may find interesting. Including links also helps with your SEO.

6. Credit Your Sources
If you have done research for your blog post or have used quotes or content from other places, be sure to give credit to your sources. This will not only give credibility to your own content it will also show your readers that what you are saying is backed up by reliable sources.

7. Social Sharing
When you set up your blog be sure to have social sharing buttons available from the start. This gives your readers the ability to share to their chosen social platform with just one click.

8. End and Publish
Finally end your post with a question to your readers in order to encourage comments. Alternatively present a call to action related to your post i.e. download your free guide here.

The final thing to do before you publish is to proof read the whole thing. If you need to make changes do so, then proof read the whole thing again to be sure it is all as it should be.

Post Publishing To Do List

1. Share and share again
Once you have published your blog post the first thing you should be doing is sharing to every social media platform that you have a presence on. Don't stop there though, post to all relevant groups and communities also. Do this everyday for the first week in order to reach as many people as possible. Try posting at different times in order to spread the reach of your blog post. If you have a presence on Pinterest then create an eye-catching image to go with your post. The optimum size for a Pinterest image is 736 x 1200 pixels.

2. Respond
Respond and reply to ALL comments (good or bad) on your blog posts. After all even bad feedback if it is constructive can help us all learn and improve.

3. Develop Alternative Content
Explore ways of turning your blog post into alternative content. For example you could record a verbal mp3 version for download from your website. If you are intending to post on a regular basis why not consider turning your post into a podcast? Maybe get in front of the camera and record a video to post on YouTube with links back to your own website.

4. Revive old posts
Don't think that just because a blog post was done two, three or four months ago that it has served its purpose. Go back over your old posts, update and improve them if necessary then give them a new lease of life by re-sharing and re-formatting.

You can use the Revive Old Post plugin to do this for you If you have a WordPress based blog.

If you have found this article useful please leave a comment below, alternatively if you have your own tips or advice please feel free to share.

Linear Vs. Passive Income: Why You Will Never Get Rich Unless You Do This to Make Money Online


One of the keys to getting rich and creating wealth is to understand the different ways in which income can be generated. It's often said that the lower and middle-class work for money whilst the rich have money work for them. The key to wealth creation lies within this simple statement.

Imagine, rather than you working for money that you instead made every dollar work for you 40hrs a week. Better still, imagine each and every dollar working for you 24/7 i.e. 168hrs/week. Figuring out the best ways you can make money work for you is an important step on the road to wealth creation.

In the US, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) government agency responsible for tax collection and enforcement, categorizes income into three broad types: active (earned) income, passive income, and portfolio income. Any money you ever make (other than maybe winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance) will fall into one of these income categories. In order to understand how to become rich and create wealth it's vital that you know how to generate multiple streams of passive income.

Crossing the Chasm

Passive income is income generated from a trade or business, which does not require the earner to participate. It is often investment income (i.e. income that is not obtained through working) but not exclusively. The central tenet of this type of income is that it can expect to continue whether you continue working or not. As you near retirement you are most definitely seeking to replace earned income with passive, unearned income. The secret to wealth creation earlier on in life is passive income; positive cash-flow generated by assets that you control or own.

One of the reasons people find it difficult to make the leap from earned income to more passive sources of income is that the entire education system is actually pretty much designed to teach us to do a job and hence rely largely on earned income. This works for governments as this kind of income generates large volumes of tax but will not work for you if you're focus is on how to become rich and wealth building. However, to become rich and create wealth you will be required to cross the chasm from relying on earned income only.

Real Estate & Business - Sources of Passive Income

The passive type of income is not dependent on your time. It is dependent on the asset and the management of that asset. Passive income requires leveraging of other peoples time and money. For example, you could purchase a rental property for $100,000 using a 30% down-payment and borrow 70% from the bank. Assuming this property generates a 6% Net Yield (Gross Yield minus all Operational Costs such as insurance, maintenance, property taxes, management fees etc) you would generate a net rental yield of $6,000/annum or $500/month. Now, subtract the cost of the mortgage repayments of say $300/month from this and we arrive at a net rental income of $200 from this. This is $200 passive income you didn't have to trade your time for.

Business can be a source of passive income. Many entrepreneurs start out in business with the idea of starting a business so as to sell their stake for some millions in say 5 years time. This dream will only become a reality if you, the entrepreneur, can make yourself replaceable so that the business's future income generation is not dependent on you. If you can do this than in a way you have created a source of passive income. For a business, to become a true source of passive income it requires the right kind of systems and the right kind of people (other than you) operating those systems.

Finally, since passive income generating assets are usually actively controlled by you the owner (e.g. a rental property or a business), you have a say in the day-to-day operations of the asset which can positively impact the level of income generated.

Passive Income - A Misnomer?

In some way, passive income is a misnomer as there is nothing truly passive about being responsible for a group of assets generating income. Whether it's a property portfolio or a business you own and control, it is rarely if ever truly passive. It will require you to be involved at some level in the management of the asset. However, it's passive in the sense that it does not require your day-to-day direct involvement (or at least it shouldn't anyway!)

To become wealthy, consider building leveraged/passive income by growing the size and level of your network instead of simply growing your skills/expertise. So-called smart folks may spend their time collecting diplomas and certificates but wealthy folk spend their time collecting business cards and building relationships!

Residual Income = A Form of Passive Income

Residual Incomeis a form of passive income. The terms Passive Income and Residual Income are often used interchangeably; however, there is a subtle yet important difference between the two. It is income that is generated from time to time from work done once i.e. recurring payments that you receive long after the initial product/sale is made. Residual income is usually in specific amounts and paid at regular intervals. Some example of residual income include:-

- Royalties/earnings from the publishing of a book.

- Renewal commissions on financial products paid to a financial advisor.

- Rentals from a property letting.

- Revenue generated in multi level marketing networks.

Use of Other People's Resources and Other People's Money

Use of Other People's Resources and Other People's Money are key ingredient required to generate passive income. Other People's Money buys you time (a key limiting factor of earned income in wealth creation). In a sense, use of other people's resources gives you back your time. When it comes to raising capital, businesses that generate passive income usually attracts the largest amount of Other People's Money. This is because it is generally possible to closely approximate the return (or at least the risk) you can expect from passive investments and so banks etc., will often fund passive investment opportunities. A good business plan backed by strong management will usually attract angel investors or venture capital money. And real estate can often be acquired with a small down payment (20% or less in some cases) with the majority of the money borrowed from a bank typically.

Tax Benefits of Passive Income

Passive income investments often allow for the most favorable tax treatment if structured correctly. For example, corporations can use their profits to invest in other passive investments (real estate, for example), and avail of tax deductions in the process. And real estate can be "traded" for larger real estate, with taxes deferred indefinitely. The tax paid on passive income will vary based on the individual's personal tax bracket and corporate structures utilized. However, for the purposes of illustration we could say that an average of 20% effective tax on passive investments would be a reasonable assumption.

In summary:

For good reason, passive income is often considered to be the holy grail of investing, and the key to long-term wealth creation and wealth protection. The major benefit of passive income is that it is recurring income, typically generated month after month without a great deal of effort by you. Building wealth and becoming rich shouldn't be about extracting every last bit of your own energy, your own resources and your own money as there is always a limit to the extent you can do this. Tapping into the effective generation and use of passive income is a critical step on the road to wealth creation. Begin this part of you wealth creation journey as early as is humanly possible i.e. now!

Sources of Passive Income


Nowadays, it is difficult to find sources of income. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. Some say that if you work hard, you will always have income to survive. But what will you do if it is really hard to find a job? Actually, even the rich find it hard to keep their income. However, this is less of a problem for some who know where to find sources of passive income.

So, let us define passive income first. Passive income is a type of income earned from investment. There are two types of income - active and passive. We earn active income from the result of our labor. Salaries, commissions, and service fees are sources of active income. What are the sources of passive income? Sources of income have different forms. Some popular sources are: dividends, interest earned, rent, sales, land, equipment, and money itself.


Dividend is earned from the net profit of a company. It is a form of profit sharing and it is more common in stock market. When a company is owned by several people or more, the profit is divided in proportion to each owner's investment. These owners are called shareholders and such a profit is known as dividend. Dividend can be cash or stock. It is a cash dividend when the profit is distributed in cash through bank checks. And it is a stock dividend when it is distributed in the form of shares or stock. As one of the sources of passive income, dividend is also attractive especially during the period of growth. Not all companies give consistent dividends. It is important to remember that stock selection determines your future income. If the company selected is proven to give higher dividends, there will be a big possibility that it will continue. Most companies that consistently give higher dividends are called income stocks. Income stocks may not be large companies. In fact, even some large companies fall short in making consistent dividends due to their high cost of operation. So, not all stocks are sure bet as one of the sources of passive income.

Among the many sources of income in the stock market is an "income stock" which is dependent on their good industry environment. For instance, if the IT industry is very attractive, any IT company can be a candidate as a source of passive income. This means that it is better to choose from those companies than to pick a very large company of which the industry has been suffering from economic turmoil. Therefore, a good source of passive income in stock market is a company from a good industry.

Interest Earned

Interest earned is also prominent as one of the sources of passive income. When we deposit our money in a bank, our money earns interest rate. What is interest rate? Interest rate is the percentage charged when we borrow some money and it is earned when we lend. Although we are not necessarily a lender, we can also earn this because our money that we have deposited in a bank contributes to the amount that the bank has lent to borrowers. Of course, there is a condition before we consider our deposits as sources of income.

We can consider our savings to be one a source of passive income. This only happens when the interest rate is high and our deposit is in significant amount. Time deposit or bank bonds are examples of passive incomes. Savings account, too, can be one. Banks differ from one another in interest rates. So, to get an attractive income through the banks, we should choose the right bank and deposit at the right time when the interest rate is high.

Rent and Lease

Sources of passive income are numerous and complex, but the easiest one is through rent or lease. Everybody knows without any explanation that income we get from having our property rented or leased has proven to give us reliable source of income. If you have an extra house and lot or a unit of apartment, you will only need to get somebody willing to occupy the place. Your sources of passive income here is not actually your property but a reliable tenant who can pay the rent consistently and can stay longer. The only consideration here is the profile of your tenant. If your property is a commercial lot, you may have it leased to those business people putting up a restaurant, a gas station, or a warehouse. The profile of your tenant here is more credible than the household ones. Commercial lot tenants will surely stay longer. This can actually become your concern because this type of investment is not liquid. It is a long term investment. Nevertheless, many of us will consider this as one of the best source of income.

Investment in transportation service however is hardly considered to be one of the potential sources. The risk involved here is high. But if you are just an ordinary individual who owns one or two units of taxi cab, it is good to rent them out provided that you invest a little in your vehicles' depreciation.


Buy-and-sell business can be some sources of income depending on the items or goods you trade. The bigger the things you trade, the more passive the income becomes. If we trade smaller things, that's marketing and a good source of active income. But if what we buy and sell are cars, house and lots, stocks, and bonds, they are definitely great sources of passive income.


Land is the best source of income. It does not have to be from renting it out. Since time immemorial, it has been the most reliable source of income. In the past, fertile land could produce crops, trees, plants and grains without human intervention. Even livestock and poultry were products of fertile land. All these things that land could produce were sources of passive income. Such circumstances are still true until now, but with little intervention.


In the country, equipment has become one of the sources of passive income. Rice mill is the most popular equipment that you can live off in the farm. During harvest season, farmers line their sacks of rice to a milling station. A rice mill owner will earn a certain amount per sack. After harvest season, the cash flow of rice mill owners is a lot healthier than that of the farmers. During this post harvest season, rice mill is hardly necessary. However, some other crops and grains are in demand of other kinds of equipment. For peanuts, shelling machines and graders are in front. Other kinds of equipment in the farm are farm tractors, grinders, and dryers.

Even in the city, equipment is one of the good sources of passive income. Heavy equipment used in construction can be rented out to contractors and developers. If you are an average person, you can acquire a vending machine. A vending machine is being rented. You will actually earn from your sold products. But it is considered to be a passive income because it is your machine that works for you. The most popular and the most heavily rented equipment found in the city is the printing press. This is a business and at the same time an investment.

Now, we see that there are really many sources of income. Instead of spending so much money for consumption, it is wise to invest it on something that can give us income to spend. Our active income is something that we should save and our passive income is the one that we can spend. Therefore, our wise decisions are also sources of passive income.

Passive Income - Ideas To Earn Passive Income and Find Opportunities


There are many more ways than the average person can think of when it comes to income ideas.

For starters, one of the easiest ways out there to develop an automated income is a network marketing business. Even though many people look down on the MLM business model (because it's not easy), there's no denying the fact that it's a viable and sustainable way to earn a residual income.

What Is Passive Income?

The American Internal Revenue Service categorizes income into three broad types, active (earned) income, passive income, and portfolio income. It defines passive income as only coming from two sources: rental activity or "trade or business activities in which you do not materially participate."[1][2] Other financial and government institutions also recognize it as an income obtained as a result of capital growth or in relation to negative gearing. Passive income is usually taxable.

- Credit: Wikipedia

As you can see from the explanation above, a recurring income comes from somewhere that you do not necessarily even have to "materially participate".

What's that mean?

That means you earn an income stream while you could very likely be out partying on the beach, having fun with your spouse all day, or having fun with your kids - all while making money on autopilot?

Doesn't that sound like an awesome lifestyle? These are just several ways to make passive revenue online.

Passive Income Streams - Gimme Some Ideas Man!

We already stated that a good stable network marketing company is an awesome source of passive income.

Now here's a few more sources below:

Real Estate - Owning and renting out rental property is a good form of passive revenue source. It also falls in the category of being able to earn income without being materially involved.

Online Store - If you own some form of internet business, you could easily earn money on autopilot by simply driving traffic to your online store. Even selling on Ebay could provide you with multiple passive income opportunities

Stocks - In this instance what you're looking for are not simply just any old stocks, but stocks that pay dividends. You'll have to talk with a broker to determine what is the best stock option for you personally.

Free Reports - Now this isn't just any old free report. This is going to be something that you put your time into. You want to give away tons of value in free report. Here's what you'll do. You're going to write an eBook teaching someone how to do something.

The possibilities as to what you can write about are endless. But what you want to focus on is providing value. On the inside of the eBook you want to link back to different affiliate programs that you are a part of. Whenever people click and join from your link you'll get paid.

Not only that, but if this free report is good, you should allow all users the right to share your eBook for free as a gift or incentive to build their email lists. Not only do they benefit, but so do you, because now your free report might go viral - awesome way to earn passive income for sure.

Starting an Income Generating Blog

This very article that you're reading right now is a good example of a passive income article. What provides the opportunity to earn an automated income is the fact that the content on this article only needs to be written once.

In fact, I'm not sure what today is. But this actual article was written on 3/5/2013. I think it's fair to say that you are probably not reading this on 3/5/2013, but this article is still hard at work.

While I'm probably driving around town, sleeping, on vacation, or with my family - this article is being found on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing - and people just like you are buying stuff.

Cool Stuff huh?

Final thoughts on Passive Income Ideas

This article has featured some pretty cool tips and tricks on how to develop an automated income source.

Because lets be honest... who wants to get paid minimum wage for activity labor when you could do something once and get paid for it over and over again?

Sort of like writing this article on passive income!

What's even better is that you can click passive income stream and learn a bunch of information on how to set up a passive income stream on my internet marketing training tips page.

Online Passive Income

In the past, it was beyond the imagination of everyone to make money without exerting some energy or effort. As far as we believe, fortune lies on our hand. So whenever we hear that it is now possible to earn some money online, we might surely hesitate to believe. Some people must have tried to check it out themselves recently. Not long ago, one of the most popular trends to earn some money through the internet was online foreign exchange trading. Many have tried it and I have become apprehensive because they must have learned about the activities of some fake brokers. But if we carefully search the internet, we could find more credible sites where we could trade and make money. So there are really many people who have started to invest even in a small amount of money. Most beginners might have experienced some unavoidable losses. Some of them might have infused more capital and began making some money. Whoever have tried this moneymaking model, they are surely obsessed with online passive income.

It's amazing that one can earn money through the internet. There are numerous methods of making online passive income. The most popular trend now is through affiliate marketing. The first impression, if we hear these words might be that this is just another online selling scheme if not a scam. This is true but this is more than just selling. This is actually a legitimate business. In the start-up stage of such online business, we must spend our time, our money and our energy. And usually, we have to make several follow through. An affiliate is anyone who can advertise and sell the products of the site owners who are also waiting for anyone who are willing to do such. But, it is different from field work selling. Affiliate marketing does not force anyone to work outside their home. Although it requires the creation of a website or blogs, membership in most forums, and article marketing, this is not permanent because when everything is all set, your sites will do the rest for you like a robot serving its master.

Online passive income is made when a purchase of an online product occurs. Affiliates can make online passive income in a number of ways. One common example is by means of article writing. You may write and submit your articles to various article directories. But keep in mind that you should be submitting one original article only once because any further submission of the copy of the same article to another website is considered as spam. You may write another similar spun article. In our article, we may insert some links that can direct the visitors to your site. The content of your articles won't have to appear like a sales letter. It should be informative so that it could attract more visitors. Even the content of the articles could determine the traffic. Using some effective key words to optimize the search engine, visitors who may happen to type some similar words in your articles will be able to see your articles in the search results. The objective of article marketing should be to drive the traffic to your site with the help of your articles. The more visitors you drive to your sites, the more probable it will be that some of them could buy the products that are being advertised. For each purchase they make, you will receive a commission.

Another strategy to make online passive income in affiliate marketing is by joining some forums. You should discover your niche and stay on it so whenever you are chatting, you are establishing your credibility in order to get the confidence of your visitors. Yahoo answer is a good step to drive the traffic to your site. If you join their forum, all you need to do is to answer the questions and show to the visitors that you are a specialist in that area. For instance, your niche is about cooking and you are promoting and selling some e-books about it. You must search some questions about the areas of your interest and answer them sincerely. When the visitors who asked the questions suddenly become more interested in you, they might check your profile. Your link will be openly shown to them. In any of your answer, do not put a link. When you make more replies, you may somehow paste a link. But the important thing is that you must give the visitors your reply and the necessary answers they need.

Blog posting is another means to drive visitor's traffic. Search for more blogs of famous personalities who are respected in their niche and follow them. Don't forget that it is not the post that matters. The readers should recognize you in your field of expertise. When you establish your credibility, the readers may follow you and your link. Blogging may also help you get the ranking in the search engine results.

Usually, a blog post or an article you make may not rank in the search engine results. Whatever key words you include in your articles to optimize the search engine, it won't seem to work for you. So, it is recommended that you join some forums in several high-ranking websites. If possible, you should submit some articles to them.

There are various ways you should do to set up an online passive income. You can only begin to earn if your site has some traffic. To make it happen requires time and energy. In the first stage, you are just starting to build your profile that could attract some visitors to learn more about you as well as your products. Therefore, building an online passive income is not an easy job in the beginning because the beginning always takes long. Here are some helpful tips:

1) Do not rely on just 1 article. Whenever it is possible, submit your articles to all the article directories that you are familiar with. Make all your articles almost similar but not identical in order to optimize the search engine.

2) Choose a product that is not yet over exposed in the market. Popular products will always go through tough competition. So the best product does not always need to be a popular one.

3) Build your own blog or website. It is where you will drive the traffic. If your site has a member forum page, you can take advantage of it through email marketing.

4) Be a member of some popular sites. Whether a site offers a forum or not depends on your searching. But most sites do.

5) Look for your niche. Think of anything that is related to your specialization. It is where you should base your product selection. Before deciding on what product to promote and sell, search for some interesting subject matters that you can always connect to.

6) Continue browsing to find more websites. All websites have something to offer.

The tips above are only a reminder. As you go on searching for ways to make online passive income, you will find out various things which might be more beneficial for your online business. Some other ways that could help you in your online business are social media marketing and network marketing.

Online passive income can either be passive or active. In actual situation, it is not easy to look for anything that could give us an income with less effort. We may describe passive income according to the flexibility of time and effort we exert. Usually, we may not notice that the online passive income that we know becomes synonymous to online job. As many people believe, an income that comes from the internet is considered passive because your income is earned without a need to go outside our home. There is nothing wrong with spending so much time setting up everything online. In most cases, you have to be in front of the computer screen for a longer time. We may still call such an income an online passive income though. It is not how long or how much you should do things that determine the essence of online passive income. It's the flexibility, instead. As long as you are not stuck in a certain job, you could make an online passive income. The only kind of income on the internet which is not considered as passive is a salary for online jobs.

Someday, all people will look for online passive income. By that time, there will surely be too much traffic in most websites. Today is the best time to begin setting up your online business and make online passive income someday. Work today. Earn someday.

Top 10 Passive Income Ideas 2020


Passive income ideas was a trending topic in 2020 through the waves are dying down a bit this year but the fact has never changed that ever than before people are constantly seeking out ways to increase their earning and enjoy financial independence. In this article

am going to share the top 10 passive income ideas that made waves in 2020 and how you find passive income opportunities in those ideas in 2021. But first, if you are new to the topic, your first question would be what passive income is?

Passive income simply means residual income, that is money that comes to you over time from a work you have done in the past or something you are doing now that doesn't require much of your time and effort. Put in another way, passive income is money you earn from a part-time job. It is different from active income, which is the money you earn from your job - salary.

The big question people often ask is whether one can live off their passive income earnings. If you work your passive income sources and build streams of residual income, you can get to the point where your passive income may equal what you are earning on your day job. And that is the goal, to build multiple streams of passive income so that it eventually equals or surpass what you are earning on your day job, at that point you may have been said to reach financial independence because then you have control of your time, your money is coming in to pay the bills even if you quit your main job and the system runs automatically, you just manage it.

I guess the question in your mind now is whether there is something you can do part time that will earn you almost a full-time income. Yes, there is, a matter of fact there are! Here we go with the top 10 passive income ideas of 2020

  1. Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing provides a fantastic opportunity for people who do not have a product of their own to take another person's good product and promote it at a profit on every sale they make. This is one of the easiest ways to start earning passive income.
  2. eBook publishing: if you have an idea that can solve a specific problem, kindle publishing provides an easy way to put it in book form and publish it. Book publishing has never been so easy. A lot of persons have been asking if there is a business you can start with no money. This is one. Everything is free, if you can write your book, edit it, create an appealing cover and write a good description for your book, you can start earning money right away.
  3. Cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency gained good attention in 2020 as a source of creating residual income. There are two ways basically for making money with cryptocurrency. That is trading and mining. The good thing about this system is that you can trade from your mobile.
  4. Network marketing: network marketing or multi-level marketing is one of the oldest businesses around, a system where you start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Though the talk about multi-level marketing may not sound like a buzzword yet big companies have been using it to get hot products into the market and individuals have been using it to rise to great heights and earning both passive and massive income for themselves.
  5. Freelancing: you have probably heard of websites like up work, fiver, elance and so on, where people go to get various kinds of digital work done for them. You too can start earning money right away if you have one of the skills that are required on daily basis from these websites e.g. writing articles, editing articles, book cover design, website development etc
  6. Blogging: yes people are still earning from blogging even though the market seems to be saturated. There are more tools that make it easy for anybody to create a blog and take it to prominence. Blogging is a good way to start earning passive income but it's not the quickest way to build passive income. that being said, it is also important to note that it is one of the surest ways to build a reputation and a longer-lasting stream of residual income if you do it right.
  7. E-commerce: this used to be for big companies but today anyone can set up an e-commerce shop and start selling digital products online with WordPress and woocommerce plugins.
  8. Drop shipping: this has to do with selling physical products through well-established e-commerce platforms like Aliexpress and Amazon. You don't have to do any difficult work, just research the top-selling products and promote them on your custom built e-commerce shop that is linked to the main platform and have the product delivered by the company while you pick the profit.
  9. Mobile apps: there are more smartphones than there are human beings on the earth today. And what powers these devices? Mobile apps. If you have an idea that can solve a problem then there is an opportunity here for you to earn residual income. you don't have to be a programmer to create a mobile app. You just have to come up with the idea and outsource the job to a programmer on one of the freelance websites mentioned earlier to get it created.
  10. Video blogging: YouTube is now the second most popular website in the world. If you have flair for video, then there is an opportunity here for you to earn passive income. YouTube with its AdSense program and partners program allow creators of video content to earn on the platform.
These are the top ten passive income ideas that trended in 2020. If you want to start earning passive income in 2021then you may want to consider one of these as a starting point to build your residual income streams. But if you are already earning passive income online, I will like to know how many of these passive income ideas you have tried or are earning from.

Anybody can start building wealth at anytime from anywhere today. All it takes is to have the right ideas and desire to take action on what you know or learn. You can start building your way up to financial freedom like many others have done. In this post are ideas that you can take action on right now to start building a system of financial freedom. If you are prepared to start building wealth by creating passive income from multiple streams without the additional burden of working another job, then my free gift is for you. Get instant access to my Passive Income Blueprint right now and start your way to building a fabulous lifestyle of financial freedom.